Week 2 Slumps.

Today, I feel like Marlin from Finding Nemo. Or yesterday I guess. My second 3 mile run, and it wasn’t any easier than my first. Still needed to walk, still got cramps, still thought I might faint.

But really– I need to just keep DOING it. Getting out there. Why do I keep thinking this will be the easiest thing in the world, after only one week? 3 miles is still 3 miles, right?

I have been off my yoga mat for one week, and I’m feeling antsy. I hope to get back on it this weekend, between the 7 miles of running and drinking and boxing class I’m trying. Working on getting more cross training and stretching in. Gotta keep the body TIGHT.

As my training buddy keeps saying, this is a challenge for a reason. And boy is she right. I just hope I have one good run coming up here soon, so I stop having doubts about whether or not I will really be able to run 13 miles in 11 weeks.

What have I gotten myself into??


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