Day 1: A Success

Following a particularly hungover Sunday, where I literally only moved from the couch/bed to retrieve my delivered pizza, my Monday run felt amazing. Yes, it was only 2 miles. Yes, I’ve done that before. But this time at least it was towards something. Being able to check off that first day of running felt like a huge accomplishment. Let’s hope this rush of good feeling and motivation continues for the next 51 runs. Yes, I counted.

However, the one concern I’ve had about this training, is how it will affect my yoga practice. So, like a dummy, I decided to get to my studio after the run just to push my body. Also, I decided not to eat any foods. Naturally I almost passed out and had to walk out of the heated room in the middle of our second series. Something I hate doing! We’ll see how this progresses, but I’m going to chop that up to a lack of food and hope that I can continue to practice 2-3 times a week even with all of this training. My balance is completely removed when I can’t hit my mat.

Now I’m back at work, and with another round of lay-offs filling this office with an incredible negative energy, I find myself wishing I had a run scheduled for tonight. Funny how fast that happens, isn’t it?